Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Hey All,

It is important that as students we make sure our voice is heard. This space is to insure that we have a say and then to provide us a free/safe space. The university is a business and if all the students decided to drop out they will lose money, so we truly do have the power. So lets not sit idly, this is our time, our moment! Lets do something about it.

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  1. I agree I definitely think without cultural centers, in particular, the African-American Cultural Center (the Blackhouse) it would have been tremendously hard for me as a new incoming student to get acquainted to campus live and college altogether. I find it hard to fathom what life would be like for future incoming students to find their way at the UofI without the blackhouse there to welcome them to campus in a way that NO other center could or even match. The center is a home on campus, a refuge, and haven and community within in a community that allows many students to get away but also come together throughout the day or for certain programs and organizations that are ran through the Blackhouse. Eliminating that would lose that community and leave students to find other unmatchable means to fill the void that many experience at such a large institution as the UofI. As a graduating senior it may be easy to think well this will have no affect on me, but like I stated, I feel ashamed and very unfortunate for the classes after me that may potentially have to get through their UofI experience without the backbone that the Cultural centers have to offer to any student who seeks that support.